Specially Designed for Men

Timeless style and a portable timepiece that measures the passage of time


Discover the wide range of luxurious watches at Benyar. A status symbol, novelty, and above all, a brand name that can vouch for a rich legacy. A luxury brand is sure to meet all the pointers on your checklist from comfort to class. The elegant dial and strap give a slightly luminous glow perfect for every situation.


A perfect fit for you or simple timekeeping and giving a style that matters. This is the best in class effective watches from the luxury brand watch.co and gizmo. Lot of efforts. Take a peek look into it.
Scratch Resistant Watches

The watch also comes with a scratch-resistant glass, which covers the dial giving it a shiny and smooth look.The dial is covered with ore crystal glass, which increases its robustness and is not easily scratched and worn. 

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Water Resistant Watches

The watch is 30M water resistant and can bear sweat, accidental rain or water splash. Now, there is no need to take off your wristwatch while washing your hands or during other daily activities. 

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BY BENYAR offers a range of classic designer watches designed for men. This men's wristwatch is equipped with 100% strong glass.

Customer Reviews

Ashley M, Los Angeles 

Luxurious watches are known for their performance & reliability. Prowatches is a name that everyone unites with luxury. It is a collector's item for any watch owner.  

Kelly K, Los Angeles 

Watches from Prowatches are the best in the World, and they can last for a lifetime if you take care of them. And their design is timeless and fits every occasion!

Arthur, Beverly Hills 

Amazing quality timepieces in many classic styles. Prowatches symbolize what is great about watchmaking.

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