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It's quite important to match your watch with the relevant part of your outfit. In particular, this is true while preparing to attend events that call for formal or informal wear.

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Casual Dress Code: Digital Watches

You can never go wrong with a digital watch when dressing casually. To emphasize your casual attitude, wear an enormous watch with a metal bracelet. Some people find that a more casual look is achieved with a smaller watch with a leather band. It is highly recommended that you wear a watertight watch if you plan on spending the day at the beach or pool.

Professional Outfits Require the Use of Analog Devices

The majority of style experts agree that an analog watch is the best choice for professional or formal occasions. If you're having trouble deciding between digital and analog aesthetics, this rule of thumb can help you out.

If you're not sure which watch design is more professional, there are two categories of business watches to choose from. There is a conservative culture that requires suits for business. The other is "business casual," which is a step up from "off-work casual" in terms of casualness.

Check Out Men's Fashion

When picking out a watch, it's important to keep the event in mind. The best way to choose a benyar mechanical watch to complement an outfit is to ensure that the watch and shoes are a good match. By observing this one, a teeny-tiny bit of dress code advice will help you stay on trend and simplify your wardrobe selections.


At formal events where black tie is required, such as weddings and business dinners, having a well-synchronized watch is a must. Pick up a timepiece with a traditional analog dial and a second-hand one. The combination of a gold case and a black leather strap is timeless. The combination of a gold case and band and a suit and leather shoes exudes sartorial sophistication. In general, you want your watch's metal to complement the rest of your jewelry, such as cufflinks, a tie clip, and rings.

Summer Party

Summer garden parties are casual affairs, so that's what you should wear. It's acceptable to wear a sports jacket without a tie with khaki or navy blue pants and leather slip-on or loafer shoes. A diving or pilot watch is a common and stylish piece of men's jewelry today. 

Keep Up With The Latest Fashion Trends

One option is to express your individuality through the choice of clothing, accessories, and color. A versatile chronograph watch is usually a good pick for your wrist. There is a wide variety of dial and band colors to pick from.

At Ease During Free Time

To relax, perhaps you enjoy going hunting, scuba diving, or parasailing. Consider a military-inspired watch for your relaxation wardrobe. Silver or gold cases are classic and can be worn with a wide variety of bands.


While running or playing racquet sports, you can use a smartwatch to monitor your heart rate and remain in touch with friends and family. If you plan on going diving or deep-sea fishing, you might want to invest in a tactical watch that can withstand the water. There are several options for every taste in watches.

Business Outfit

Even if business attire is less formal than a black tie, you can nonetheless successfully rock the same watch. Alternatives include a slim gold or silver case with a mesh or leather strap. Your main priority is to look formal and professional. Benyar mechanical watches are known for their classic and professional outer look which will definitely make you ready for your business meetings as well as parties.

Business Casual

If the dress code calls for business casual attire, a tie is not required. A suit coat may not be necessary in some workplaces, but a dress shirt, pants, and shoes are expected at all times. Choose a black face with white numbers, as is traditional with field watches, and accessorize it with a band that complements your style.

A chronograph watch is a great option as a part of your work casual attire. The classic combination of a gold or silver case and a grey or black band never goes out of style.


Benyar mechanical watches are widely regarded as the finest examples of traditional, high-quality wristwatch design. Put on one of these exceptional timepieces, and you'll notice an immediate change in your entire demeanor.

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