Blue colour leather strap wristwatch for men

Want to set a style statement and stand out from the crowd?

Then, having a unique watch that matches your personality and style is a must. But how to do that?Want to buy a watch but not sure which one or how to choose one branded watch for men?Then here is a complete guide which will answer all your queries. Follow this checklist the very next time you decide to buy a watch for yourself.

1.What kind of watch you want:

Before proceeding to buy, the very first step you need to take is to think about what kind of watch you should look for, be it sports, casual, or luxury watch. Knowing your type is the foremost thing. Think of your interests, activities you enjoy the most, and make a checklist. Because a watch can help you to shine among the crowd if it truly reflects your personality.

2.Your Budget:

After you have complete awareness about the type of wristwatch you want, the next step is to set a budget. It’s obvious that in the market you can get ample watches starting from the cheapest one to the ones which cost millions of dollars. But you have to set a range of your budget ranging from minimum to the maximum you can spend and hunt for the watch which fits within that range.

3.Watch Movement:

Done with the basis now comes the technical part. You may have heard of Automatic movement watches, Mechanical movement watches, etc.For this, having a clear understanding of watch movement is a must. 

There are three types of watch movement:

a) Mechanical Movement:

These watches are powered by a hand wound mainspring. Once the mainspring is evenly unwinding the second-hand moves smoothly. Also, these watches do not require  These watches to be powered by a hand-wound mainspring. Once the mainspring is any battery-powered by a hand-wound mainspring.

b) Automatic Movement:

The difference between an automatic and a mechanical movement is that the automatic movement continues to tick without having to wind it each day.


c) Quartz Movement:

Incredibly accurate and very affordable watches. Quartz movement uses electricity from a small battery relative to the foremost two mentioned types of watches. Now that you have complete awareness about the different types of watch movement it will be easier to select the one for you.

4.Material of Watch:

The watches are available in various materials from stainless steel to rubber straps.  But it depends upon you which kind of material you prefer. Stainless steel watches offer high quality while Sapphire glass is the best, clearest, and most durable piece of glass.


Once you are done with all the above-mentioned factors now it's time to decide on a brand in which you would like to invest in. You can do a little research work and gain knowledge about various brands. Always invest in a brand which is reliable and offers good quality watches at an affordable price. 

In the end, almost every option is available within each price range. It depends on the quality of materials and brand name. The appearance of the watch which matches your taste and style is the perfect one for you. Most watches last a long time, so ensure that your purchase will be able to be worn for years to come. Choose it wisely!

October 18, 2021 — WBO Solutions
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