One Year Warranty

We guarantee for watches we sell to be free of defects and to work dependably for at least 01 full year from date of purchase. If your watch malfunctions within this one year period, we will repair or replace the wrist watch for you at no cost to you. If you have a warranty claim, please email our customer care department to receive further instructions.

The warranty on our wrist watch will be voided by the following circumstances: Internal or external damage caused by accidents, mishaps, mishandling, abusive treatment of the watch (such as smacking it against your doorjamb as you climb out of your car, or wearing your watch in a hot-tub or sauna) or unscrewing of the crown.  Modifications, attempted repairs, or tampering with the watch by unauthorized third parties will also render your warranty void.  Please use only replacement batteries of the type prescribed by this company  on your instruction card, as damage from unsuitable batteries also is not covered under warranty.