TSAR BOMBA Carbon Fiber Automatic Watch TB8208CF-Red

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TSAR BOMBA Carbon Fiber Automatic Watch TB8208CF-Red

TSAR BOMBA Carbon Fiber Automatic Watch TB8208CF-Red

$399.99 $562.99

Carbon Fiber Case

This men's watch features a carbon fiber bezel and stainless steel case, this carbon fiber material is expensive and has been used to produce top watches. Its biggest advantage is that it is light and not a burden for the wearer.

Sapphire Glass

The artificial sapphire glass adopts an arched edge, which makes the surface curvature more beautiful. Synthetic sapphire is the strongest thing in nature other than a diamond, never worry about scratches on glass anymore.

Mechanical Movement

This TB8208 watch is equipped with a Japanese MIYOTA movement. Compared with ordinary movements, this one costs more and is more stable, which ensures the accuracy of the watch. Wear at least 8 to 10 hours a day to maintain operation. When sufficient power is not available, manually wind the watch by turning the crown approximately 30 turns. Tested for more than 72 hours before leaving the factory to ensure the accuracy and outstanding performance of each watch.

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This men's fashion watch is water-resistant up to 50M (5ATM), with a fully sealed case and a triple waterproof rubber ring on the crown to ensure its performance. It is not recommended to place or wear the watch in places where the temperature often varies greatly, such as hot baths, saunas, etc. The excessive temperature difference will cause the waterproof rubber ring to expand the gap, causing water to enter the watch when the temperature drops.